We love the Ocean. We love Surfing. We love Cape Town.

At Cape Town Surfers we know that we live in one of the most beautiful places on earth, and whats more, it is one of the best places in the world to surf, kitesurf, bodyboard, swim, paddle, sun tan and adventure. We want to celebrate all the magical things, pmaces and people of our ceautiful city.

No matter whether it is summer or winter there is always something that drags us into the water. In summer the hot weather pull sis to the beach to play beach bats and frisbee with our friends, until the Cape Doctor comes up and blows us to Blouberg and an afternoon of Kitesurfing.

Throughout the year the surfing is always around, whether in Muizenberg with friends or on the rare day that a swell pulls in on the Atlantic side. Winter is when surfing really takes off, the storms in the South edge closer to Africa and we start to see the sets rolling in off the horizon.

Cape Town is multi faceted though and although the ocean is our first love, we love getting out on the trials and tracks of the mountain whether on our mountain bike or in our trail shoes.

We live for the adventure of this city and just want to bring a little bit of it closer to you.