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Meet Buzzy Joell

Buzzy Joell is the owner of the business “The Board Box”. “The Board Box” was just recently opened and they do repairs and custom artworks on all types of boards. They also sell some surfing hand goods and just recently installed a 25 sq. meter infinity wall (still studio) to rent out to photographers. The… Read More »

Donovan O’Neale

Ask Donovan O’Neale, 24, why he started kiteboarding seven years ago, and he’ll tell you he needed a new sport to fall for when his first love let him down, and not so gently. “I was first into motorcross, but I needed a new way to stay healthy – I’d broken too many bones!” His… Read More »

Jennifer Clarke

According to Warren Lee, Jennifer Clarke is the type of mother that every wave-riding child wishes for: Jennifer owns a surf shop a short trot from the beach and is deeply engrained in the Western Province body boarding community. She drives long distances and understands the yearning impassioned love of a grom. When she is… Read More »