Megan-Mouse Smith

By | September 24, 2015

Hi Megan, thanks for chatting to Cape Town Surfers! Tell us about Megan’s typical day:Megan Smith

Wake up at 7am. Tea. Gaze up at the mountain till I decide to get ready for work… Work… then surf if there’s enough light still or head for a swim if not. Then grab some Kauai goodness (just below my flat), visit friends or chill. SLEEEP!! Do it all over again. It is not as boring as it sounds. I own and manage a small business called Intermarket Guest Amenities. We manufacture shampoos and small soaps that we supply to hotels and guest houses mainly in the Western Cape but we also in PE, JHB, Bloem and Namibia. I have been running the business for about 2.5 years and I love the challenges that the manufacturing side of the business brings and the rewards from putting into practice what I learnt from my Post-Grad Marketing degree at UCT. It also allows me to take some business trips to great surf spots like JBay when on the road to PE and a week in Mauritius next month when I go to visit some hotels there! I like that!

As a family we have also started building up one of our most exciting businesses. Holdfast Roof Racks. I am very excited about working with this brand and it is closely tied with my passion for surfing, water sports and mountain biking.

What is the best part of your job?

I work with my family which is great but the fact that I can plan my own time off and schedule is definately the ultimate!

Do you ever manage to sneak a surf in during working hours?

Definitely! I sometimes have “important client meetings”.

When did you get your first surfboard?

I think when I was in university and stopped riding horses.

Do you remember your first wave?

No! I didn’t have anyone to push me onto waves when I was young. SO i just got smashed by giant walls of white water. I hated surfing when I was young.

What does surfing mean to you, and how has it affected your life?

Surfing is my fun time and it helps remind me what life is really about and why I’m alive and to not get sucked into the concrete jungle. I don’t think it’s affected any major decisions directly but it’s definately influenced my life in a serious way.

Tell us a bit about your boards, the type of surfing you are into and where you like to surf?

I’m a surfboard ho! Haha. I have too many boards. My favourite board at the moment is my 5’10 roundtail/fish/funboard from Greg Smith. I like fatter boards that make paddling out easy. I think I’m a bit of a lazy surfer so I enjoy long right-hand point breaks the most. My father and bro are longboarders and I dig a bit of a longboard session with the them.

What is your favorite surf spot (locally and internationally) and why?

Locally, Llandudno summer surf sessions!! Spending the day on the most beautiful beach in Cape Town with my friends and surfing a couple of times in between, watching the sunset and then going for a braai and party at night. It cannot be beaten. But my favorite wave is Point in JBay. I have had my best surfs there. I love that wave.

Do you feel you’re at an adv or disadv being a female in a mainly male dominated sport, and has it ever affected the outcome of a surfing experience for you?

Hmmmm… well being female means we can’t paddle as hard and we’re not as good as the guys but if you can paddle out and get a wave straight away then I think the guys respect you and I’ve only had friendly encounters in the water. I’ve often had random guys give me waves just because I’m a girl and that is awesome! So all-in-all, I’d say it’s an advantage, but you just gotta make it work for you.

Of all the places you’ve visited, which one falls 2nd best to Cape Town and why?

Definitely JBay. Some people hate it  because it’s a bit of a hole if there are no waves, but I have a huge affinity for the place. Maybe it’s because I have a super sick place to stay when I go there, and the waves are AMAZING.

You’ve recently returned from a trip to Mozam, tell us a bit about it?

Warm water!!


I’ve been to Mozambique a few times now and it’s such a special place. The roads are made of tar these days, not mini duckponds and dirt so it’s easily accessible even if you do not have a 4×4. Flights are really expensive though. The local food is amazing! Abundant fresh seafood everyday! The water is so warm and clear, there is so much to do and the parties are great because the local rum, Tippo Titto, can only result in a wild night. Basically, to summarise… it’s paradise!

Lastly, if you could hang out with one famous surfer for a day, who would it be and why?

Flip! Maybe Matt Wilkinson, he seems pretty entertaining so potentially him. Or actually, Bethany Hamilton, she’d probably be a lot more inspirational than Wilko.

Check out this amazing video below of the always inspirational Bethany Hamilton.

Thanks for the time Megan! You can follow Megan’s companies on facebook below, or visit their website – and