Miles Gilham

By | September 25, 2015

Sport n Surf

Miles Gilham has worked at Sport ‘n Surf for 10 good years. Everyone remembers him having that friendly face whenever he said hello to customers. His daily routine starts with a cup of Seattle Coffee, reading his star sign in the horoscope, getting touch with the good people at Safari surfboards on stock and custom orders, planning the day with Volker (his fuhrer), cruising the shop floor, making some sales, playing some pranks on the staffs and finally taking the daily cash up!

He enjoys selling customers the right board for them and seeing them in the water with a smile on their face. Since he works al day he usually enjoys enjoy surfing in the evening while he watches the sunset. It is a beautiful way to end of the day.

Dealing with the prices in the store is the most challenging part of his job. He always wants to give the customers the best deal possible, but the shop still needs to make a profit, so there is a fine line that needs to be walked. Being on long street, Miles gets some strange requests, once someone tried to buy his swimmers ( costume ) right off his body.

Miles got his 1st surfboard at the age of 8 which was a Tich Paul board. Now his favorite boards are his Joel Tudor which is a 9,2”, his 9’6” Donald Takayama (RIP), a 9’2” Spider Freedom model and spider Glider 7’4″. He loves riding longboards and gliders. His style of long boarding is nose riding in the classic old school longboarding manner.

His favorite spots for surfing are Muizenberg, Inner Kom, Mossel Bay and Elands.

Miles’s biggest influences in his life have been his daughter Kennadee , his amazing parents and brother, his beautiful girlfriend Megan, Volker, and surfing friend and guiding light Barry. Joel Tudor, Alex Knost, Lance Carson, Miki Dora, Mike Hynson and Donald Takayama (RIP) are the people who he draws inspiration from when surfing.

Miles’s favourite place to surf away from Cape Town is Bali. Mainly because of the warm water and epic waves.